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Be kind to yourself, too

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Parenting and caring for tamariki can be hard at the best of times. For simple tips, words of wisdom and info to help you and your whānau through this tricky time, check out this awesome new Mental Health Foundation resource.

Even at the best of times parenting can be challenging, frustrating, stressful and hard work. For many parents and carers these feelings can become more frequent or even overwhelming as we move into a new recovery phase across Aotearoa over the coming months.

Remember that we are all in this together. As parents, mātua, and carers of tamariki we need to protect our mirumiru/bubbles by thinking of it as our pā tūwatawata/fortress, marae or kainga.

We can all take responsibility to support other whānau in their mirumiru/bubbles as well. Stay connected, check-in and offer support when you can, especially with those parents who might be doing it extra tough, solo parents, and whānau experiencing financial hardship or family violence.

As whānau, parents and carers of tamariki during this especially tricky time we need to prioritise our own hauora/health and wellbeing so we can support our tamariki over the next few weeks, make good decisions and manage additional stress and distress. There is a lot of information about how to support children during this time, but what about some information that is all about you?

Tips, words of wisdom, and aroha

We're proud to share this fantastic online resource for parents and whānau, created by our friends at the Mental Health Foundation.

Check it out today, and remember to be kind to yourself too. Being a good parent is good enough.

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