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Bringing school subjects to life at home

Here we share some fun and simple ideas for tackling various subject areas at home, with some of our fave wellbeing activities thrown in the mix!

Sparklers exists to help tamariki learn to manage their emotions, build self confidence, make (and be!) good friends and long-term, understand all about their wellbeing.

While Sparklers is normally for classroom use, during times when we need to have a COVID-19 home stay-cation, Sparklers is a good option! All Sparklers activities are easily adaptable for your home and are geared to making sure you and the kids continue to feel good and function well.

Sparklers is backed by both positive psychology AND it's super easy for anyone to pick up and try. That's part of the reason teachers love it!

Things to know

Sparklers activities are often play-based or written with curiosity in mind – that's when we learn the answers to questions together. The best way for kids to learn from you is to focus on being curious and ‘playing’ alongside them, rather than feeling the need to teach.

Have a read through the activity and adapt as you need to for your living room or lawn – yep, they're written for classroom use, but they're still doable at home. Don't have a printer? Jot it out – it'll be way more creative! In these circumstances. Sparklers needs all your cool input. Our top tips are:

  • Give it a go and see!
  • End any activity on a high note (sometimes literally)!
  • Be prepared to be 'in this together' with your child – sometimes it's uncomfortable to try new things, but hey, you're a great role-model because here you are!

During holiday time, you can randomly choose any Sparklers activities that appeal to you and your child – here's our 'at home' faves. Then, during school's home-learning time, you may want to include some of the Sparklers activities outlined as part of your academic, creative or physical activity time, alongside any suggestions from your child's teacher.

Here's a free planner you can use to create a bit of a plan for the day!

Academic time

Physical activity time

Creative time

A focus on your wellbeing will be important right now

Every day it will be important for you and the whānau to proactively care for your mental health and wellbeing, especially when things become challenging. We talk about this as ‘staying grounded’.

To help stay grounded try:

Practising the Five Ways to Wellbeing can also help

  • Connect: Is there something relaxing or fun you can plan together?
  • Be active: Move around when you can. Play outside and get creative!
  • Keep learning: Be curious. Is there a cool book you can read? What can you learn or try?
  • Give: Smile and be kind whenever you can. Help someone out. Kindness feels good!
  • Take notice: Tune into your senses, breathe, and take time to notice the little things.

And when times are challenging, take off your shoes and socks, and walk on your lawn. Lose yourselves in a bit of grounded, mindful fun. It’s still beautiful in our own backyards.

This guide has been created with the invaluable advice from Nick Gunn, DP @ Redwood School.

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