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Rach Kev Em

Hapū Māmā in lockdown... round two.

Being hapū made the noho rāhui/ lockdown that little bit harder for Auckland teacher Rachael Curtis

Now there’s transmission back in her community, she’s disappointed but says she understands the importance of keeping our health workers, as well as herself, safe.

“I’ve got a scan next week, and just like last [lockdown] I have to go alone. It’s a shame but there’s no point in moaning – it’s about keeping our frontline medical staff safe too.”

As well as being pregnant, Rachael and husband Kevin have an almost three year-old to keep busy. It’s proven challenging – but they continue to find new and exciting ways of keeping Emma occupied.

“This morning we pitched a tent in the garage, got the hot cooker out and made a hot milo. It was just as good as going camping and she loved it.”

Emma turns three next Saturday, and it looks like she might join the club of kiwis who’ve had to celebrate a birthday in lock down. They had a big party planned back home in Waikato.

“Plan B isn’t sorted yet - but we’ll just have a little celebration for Emma here – and first chance we can leave Auckland we’ll head down so she can celebrate with her other family members.”

Despite being in her third trimester and being even more cautious, she has faith Auckland and the wider NZ community will do the right thing to stop the virus in its tracks.

“If everybody does the same thing this time, and does stay at home – then it’s not going to spread like it has done overseas.”

Just like when their daughter first arrived, Rachael said life is simpler now and they enjoyed slowing down.

“We’ve still got internet, we’ve still got tv. We have still got so many things to entertain ourselves, we don’t need to go out and about.”

Despite the virus’s re-emergence, Rachael is upbeat and positive that we’ll get through together.

“We’ve done it before we can do it again. If everyone just follows the rules we’ll be out of this pretty quickly I think.”

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