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Celebrating Matariki

Matariki is an awesome chance for us to māharatia (reflect), whakanuia (celebrate) and wawatatia (aspire) – bringing light and togetherness to the winter months.

What is Matariki?

Matariki is an ancient celebration that has been connecting people across Aotearoa for hundreds of years.

Matariki signals the arrival of the Māori New Year and begins in hōtoke/winter, with the rising of the Matariki star cluster. Those of us who live on the West Coast may know this star cluster as Puanga.

So, how can we māharatia (reflect), whakanuia (celebrate) and wawatatia (aspire) during Matariki?

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Māharatia / Reflect

Hōtoke/winter is a great time to slow down, and reflect on the year we've just had – the good, the not so good, the people who have made a difference and those we miss. When you reflect, what memories, people and learnings come to mind?

Matariki is also about remembering the loved ones we have lost. In doing so, we can celebrate the special times we shared with them, and think about how we can honour their lives as we look to the future.

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Whakanuia / Celebrate

Now is also a time for us to manaaki tangata, connect and celebrate new beginnings and new life.

For many of us, celebrating Matariki begins with being grateful for what we have, including the everyday things we sometimes take for granted like the beauty of nature, feeling cosy and warm under our duvets, or connecting with whānau and friends.

If we can, Matariki is the perfect time to get together (or reach out!) to loved ones – checking in, and sharing stories and kai. It’s also a time for renewal, for enjoying nature and for recharging our wairua/spirit. This could be as simple as taking notice of the changing seasons or finding a way to support te taiao, our natural environment.

How are you celebrating Matariki this year?

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Wawatia / Aspire

Matariki is also a great time to think about our hopes and dreams for the future, and the steps we could take to work towards them. Simply taking the time to think about something we’d like to do in the future can give us focus and open ourselves up to new experiences and opportunities.

Hiwa I te rangi is one of the nine stars of the Matariki cluster. Known as the wishing star, it is to Hiwa that you can send your wishes for the year ahead - similar to wishing upon a star, or making a new year resolution.

For many of us, the past year has been tough. It's timely that Matariki / Puanga allow us to reset, and think about our intentions for the year to come.

What plans and dreams do you have for the future?

Matariki videos

Keen to see our awesome Aotearoa whānau chatting about Matariki?

Check out our Matariki videos today.

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