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Celebrating Matariki

Matariki signals the Māori New Year. It is a time of renewal and celebration in New Zealand that begins with the rising of the Matariki star cluster. It's a great time to reflect, reset, and look forward.
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Depending on where you live – Matariki for those who live on the East Coast or Puanga if you live on the West Coast – Matariki and Puanga are the Māori names for the clusters of stars that inform the winter solstice.

Matariki / Puanga give us the opportunity to reflect on the past, be present in the moment, reset and plan for the future.

During hōtoke / winter, we all tend to slow down, come together to survive the cold, share kai and kōrero. There's no better time than now to stop, reflect and remember those who have left us – and, as we carry on, honouring those we love and their lives, and celebrating the special times we shared with them. Now is also a time for us to manaaki tangata and celebrate new beginnings and new life!

When you reflect on the year you’ve just had, what memories and learnings do you think of?

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Matariki give us the chance to reflect, live in the moment and dream of a better future.

After Covid-19, it's timely to take this time during Matariki / Puanga to wave goodbye to the past few months and reset for the year ahead.

Traditionally, Matariki and Puanga have been a time to share kai, give thanks for a bountiful harvest and celebrate the strength of whānau, particularly that strength we saw from whānau during Covid-19. It’s also a time of renewal – for nature, and for the wairua / spirit of the people. We all adapt and move with the seasons – and slowing down during hōtoke / winter gives us an opportunity to take notice of the things around us, acknowledge our shared experiences with the people in our lives, and be grateful for all that we have together.

How do you plan to reset and refresh for the year ahead?

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Looking forward

Matariki is a celebration of reflecting, being present, and dreaming for a better tomorrow.

The Māori New Year is celebrated with the re-emergence and rising of the Matariki and Puanga star clusters, signalling a fresh start, promise and hope.

For many of us, the past year – particularly the past few months during Covid-19 – have been challenging, and it’s timely that Matariki / Puanga allow us to reset, look at what the future holds and to grow. It’s a time for innovation, an opportunity to learn from successes and failures and think about our intentions for the year to come. It can be a time to set goals, plan ahead and dream of a better life. Now's the time to focus on becoming mentally, emotionally, and spiritually geared up for the year ahead.

What plans and dreams do you have for the future?

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