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Mental wellbeing is all about feeling good and functioning well – and just like our physical health, our mental health is something we can all look after and strengthen. Doing the things that keep us well can boost our mood and outlook, and help us build handy 'buffers' so if times do get tough, we’re able to adapt more quickly.

The ways to

Wellbeing 1


Creating and maintaining relationships is critical to boosting wellbeing - our relationships help us feel valued, loved and give purpose -all this makes us feel good!

Wellbeing 2

Be active

Getting moving is not just good for our bodies, it makes a real difference to how we feel. It doesn’t always mean getting sweaty– things like walking the dog or dancing through the house work a treat!

Wellbeing 3

Take notice

We're often told to stop and smell the roses. When we take notice, we are giving ourselves space to become mindful, breathe and slow down. Notice a moment, and appreciate it with all your senses!

Wellbeing 4

Keep learning

Learning helps keep our minds active – which helps our wellbeing. There's heaps of opportunities to try new things and challenge our minds a little - take class in Te Reo or give a crossword a go?

Wellbeing 5


Kindness can give our mood an instant boost. Everyone has something to give, whether it’s a compliment or lending a hand. Kind acts make us feel better and helps us build connections with others

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Wellbeing 6

Embrace your culture

Understanding your own culture, or cultures, helps you to understand yourself, what makes you unique. We all have cultures and they can help us build a sense of identity and belonging in the world.

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Wellbeing 7

Keep the faith

Spirituality means different things to different people. However you feel about it, spending time in contemplation, gratitude and building meaningful lives can be powerfully sustaining.

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Wellbeing 8

Enjoy nature

Being in nature helps us feel good – it's been shown to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and the production of stress hormones. Getting outside, and enjoying green spaces, is a proven pick-me-up.

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Wellbeing 9

Nourish your mind

There’s growing evidence that nutrition and mental wellbeing are closely linked. The brain is the largest organ in the body, and just like our other organs, it's affected by how well we fuel it.

Keen to learn more about wellbeing? Check out some of the science behind it.