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Habit Sticks

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The number one thing we can do when we're trying to form a new habit, is look for ways to make it easy. Our Habit Sticks campaign was all about helping people get started, and 'stick' with it!


Habit Stick 101

Step 1

Habit sticks 1

Choose a tiny new habit

Make your new habit something small, something you can do everyday, and something that’s positive (i.e. an action you'd like to take), then write it on your Habit Stick.

Step 2

Habit sticks 2

Keep it somewhere visible

Put your Habit Stick tick somewhere you'll see it at least once a day (e.g. with your toothbrush, on your desk, by your kettle) to keep it top of mind.

Step 3

Habit sticks 3

Tick tick tick!

When you do your habit, add a tick to your Stick (ah, poetry). Monitoring habits can really help. After the first few times it might get harder but keep at it... you've got this!

Step 4

Habit step4 CI Pw3nn original

Party like it's 1999

When you add that last tick reward yourself with something fun, whether it's a Netflix marathon or something that supports your new habit. You've earned it!

Our habits have a huge influence on our relationships, goals and lives. So how do we replace the 'bad' ones, form cool new ones and set ourselves up for long-term success? It's science, silly! Here we share the basic info, and a few of our favourite tips from the pros.