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Putting a spring into the step of every staff member...

Helping staff to spring into spring is Lane Neave’s mission this Mental Health Awareness Week.

Timed to compliment Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, law firm Lane Neave launched its Spring into Spring campaign to encourage staff to prioritise their wellbeing.

The law firm, which has offices in Queenstown, Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch, is offering two weeks of events, targeting wellbeing, as part of the initiative.

Over the coming days, there will be a guided sleep seminar, boot camps, office breakfasts and even a ‘bring your dog to work’ day. All the events can be found in individual passports (as pictured), which have been distributed among staff.

People and Capability Manager Mark Lewis says the initiative is an easy thing Lane Neave can do to take care of its people, and encourage the day-to-day habits that help us all to refuel, recharge, and be ready for whatever the future holds.

“This year has been challenging for our staff – as it has been for everyone in New Zealand.”

“While we can’t control what happens outside of work, we can create a really supportive environment for them to work in and make it easier to do the things that make us feel good. People spend a lot of time at work, so the more that we can do to make that time enjoyable, the greater the flow on effect is to work and home. It means better output, and having staff that are more equipped to deal with curveballs that just seem to keep coming at the moment.”

Alongside the calendar of events, staff are being asked to join a two week challenge. The challenge asks participants to work through as many activities as they can and tick them off as they go.

Challenge events include meditating for more than 10 mins, going for a bike ride, using public transport, improving sleep habits and giving back to the community.

Staff are also being put into teams, and the team with the most points combined at the end of the two weeks gets a prize. There are individual prizes up for grabs too.

“We hope our staff have a bit of fun with this challenge and encourage each other to get involved. If anything, I hope this gives our staff a taster of what they can be doing better to stay well and uplift the wellbeing of the people around them,” says Mark.

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