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Six60’s Rollercoaster tour

The last weekend of February marks the end of the largest live tour in the world – played right here in New Zealand.

Six60 have been making global headlines recently, given their ability to travel New Zealand and play to sell-out crowds throughout the country – an opportunity not available anywhere else in the world right now.

All Right? caught up with Marlon Gerbes of Six60 on being “the biggest band in the world.”

Marlon says he and the band are so grateful for the fact they’ve been able to see out their summer tour.

“It hasn’t been without its challenges and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions,” he says.

“We don’t really know if a show can go ahead until the morning of the concerts, given the ever-changing COVID situation and stuff – but to us it was really important to give it a go and we’re thankful we’ve been able to do it.”

Marlon says the support received from concert crowds and fans has been incredibly humbling.

“I locked eyes with a girl in the crowd singing her heart out on someone’s shoulders, it was really powerful for me and made me realise how important doing these has been to people.”

Marlon says the band has been together for 11 years now and he has never seen people so excited to hear their music.

“It’s been awesome to see people coming out to have a good time with their friends and whanau, given the year that was. Sure there was a risk we would lose money, if we were forced to cancel shows but the response has made it all worth it.”

“Our band started to help people with music and it’s so powerful to see how our music can speak to people and do good.”

Marlon says the pandemic and being based in New Zealand has encouraged the band to go “back to basics” and relook at their priorities.

“Not being so extremely busy flying everywhere has brought us closer and we have decided to keep the “fun” in our future planning, so it’s not all just work, work, work 100% of the time.”

“We want to plan more experiences together - both with each other and our whānau.”

The past year has also encouraged Marlon to relook at his wellbeing.

“I’m a big believer now in having a routine, learning more about my craft and my whakapapa, connecting with whānau and exercising. I guess, anything full of mana is the best way to describe it.”

“And above all else making it a priority. I look at it like buckets to fill. I have a bunch of buckets that I like to fill up before my day gets started and it really just makes my day better.”

Six60 play their last show of the tour at Claudelands Oval in Hamilton this weekend.

Image credit: Joel McDowell

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