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DCH Christmas Picture

Spreading festive cheer in managed isolation

There are no chimneys for Santa to scale at the Distinction Hotel, where hundreds of returning Kiwis are completing their managed isolation.

But that won’t stop the man in red from visiting the Christchurch managed isolation facility on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the team at the Distinction Hotel, Santa will be granted access to every room!

Executive Assistant Manager, Rene Bennett says for all those families who celebrate Christmas, special ‘key cards’ will be granted to them that they can leave at the door, giving Santa access to their rooms.

“We’ve got no chimneys in the hotel so in order for Santa to get in the room, he will need a key card. Kids will be able to decorate them and them out overnight for Santa to collect.”

Bennett says he knows the day will be tinged with sadness for some, who may be away from whānau or alone at Christmas.

“That’s why we’re going the extra mile - to bring some fun in to the facility, and to help our guests get in the Christmas spirit.”

All adult and child guests will be gifted stockings and can expect a little surprise to be placed in them overnight.

“It’s like any other hotel at the end of the day. We really care about our guests and we’re not just checking people through their two weeks of quarantine,” says Rene.

On Christmas Day, Christmas songs will be playing, and guests will be treated to a festive Christmas meal, including ham, roast lamb and trifle.

Christmas trees and decorations have been set up in and around the Hotel, including in the exercise area for the guests to enjoy. By Christmas Eve, there will be a Reindeer feeding station in the outdoor space too.

Santa hats will be donned by all staff working on the day, for when they deliver meals or drop off any parcels that may arrive.

“And I am sure there will even be staff on the day going that step further and wearing festive attire.”

The team will also roll out a little celebratory spirit on New Year’s Eve – “to keep the vibe up”.

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