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For daily mini-missions to help you feel good, download the All Right App today.

Fun, free and easy to use, the All Right? App can help us improve our wellbeing by doing more of the things that can really make a difference.

The science

While there’s no magic wand or bullet to ensure good mental health and wellbeing, research shows that taking a few simple steps to care for ourselves each day can help us feel good and cope better with the challenges life throws at us.

How it works

You'll start by choosing one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. From there, the app will give you a simple ‘mini mission’ each day, to help you get some runs on the board, and boost your wellbeing and mental fitness.

Tracking your efforts

As you complete missions, the app will reward you with beads for each of the missions you've completed. And because they're based on international research into the things that help us feel good, each mission will give you a quick wellbeing boost!

Keep it up!

Being proactive about our wellbeing can really help, even when times are stressful. It’s all about doing what we can and enjoying the journey, because when it comes to feeling good, the little things we do really add up.