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Hikitia Te Hā is a series of simple te ao Māori breathing exercises that anyone can learn. Focusing on our breathing calms the body and mind, and is a very helpful practice for feeling more present and mindful. Hikitia Te Hā was developed by Rawiri Hindle, and we're proud to support more people to give it a go!

Sparklers DM472 Hikitia Edit

Why try Hikitia Te Ha?

Practising Hikitia Te Hā on a daily basis can help make us more present in the moment, and more aware of te hā (the breath).

Tip 1: The in-breath

Start each action by breathing slowly through your nose on the in-breath (hā ki roto), with simple, open-hearted attention.

Tip 2: The out-breath

On the out-breath relax and let your jaw drop so it’s nice and relaxed, mouth slightly open, and make the sound of your breath going outward.

Tip 3: Go slow

Practice the movements slowly, like tai chi. You may want to create your own movements as a body form for the different ātua. Be creative!