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Hikitia Te Hā is a series of simple te ao Māori breathing exercises that anyone can learn. Focusing on our breathing calms the body and mind, and is a very helpful practice for feeling more present and mindful. Hikitia Te Hā was developed by Rawiri Hindle, and we're proud to support more people to give it a go!

Sparklers DM472 Hikitia Edit

Why try Hikitia Te Ha?

Practising Hikitia Te Hā on a daily basis can help make us more present in the moment, and more aware of te hā (the breath).

Tip 1: The in-breath

Start each action by breathing slowly through your nose on the in-breath (hā ki roto), with simple, open-hearted attention.

Tip 2: The out-breath

On the out-breath relax and let your jaw drop so it’s nice and relaxed, mouth slightly open, and make the sound of your breath going outward.

Tip 3: Go slow

Practice the movements slowly, like tai chi. You may want to create your own movements as a body form for the different ātua. Be creative!

Translations for Hikitia Te Hā

Curious about the kupu (words) in our Hikitia Te Hā breathing sequence? Here are some translations explaining the sacred meanings of each phrase.

Greetings to the Sky Father

Greetings to Mother Earth

Tāne Mahuta
Greetings to God of the forest, trees and birds

Greetings to God of ocean, fish and ocean creatures

Greetings to God of the weather (winds, clouds, ran, hail snow storms)

Greetings to the God of earthquakes and volcanoes

Greetings to the God of war/conflict

Ki Runga
Greetings to all that is above

Ki Raro
Greetings to all that is below

Ki Roto
Greetings to all that is within

Ki Waho
Greetings to the universe and beyond

Te mihi ki a rātou ki a whetūrangitia
Look to the heavens and acknowledge loved ones passed on

Te mihi ki a tātou katoa
Acknowledging all of us

Vitality and life force