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Collecting Memory Worksheets

Collect memories with the whānau!

Download yours
The summer season is a great chance to remember that even when times are tough, it's the simple things that bring us joy, and see us through – ahakoa he iti, he pounamu.

If you're keen for some free adventures to enjoy with the whānau, simply print a copy of our Collecting Memories challenge.

As well as bringing fun and aroha, these simple activities offer reassurance that even if there isn't money to spare, we can still create special moments together.

Print your copy today

Other ideas we love!

  • Head to the library and choose book together
  • Go geo-caching - download an app and explore
  • Head to a different playground that you haven’t checked out before
  • Explore your local botanic gardens
  • Visit museums and art galleries
  • Bake something to share
  • Build a manu tukutuku
  • Colour in
  • Make artwork from nature - leaf pictures, press flowers, paint rocks
  • Sleep out on the lawn - under the trampoline, in a hut or tent
  • Sparklers at Home activities
  • Use chalk - art, hopscotch, 4 square
  • Go insect hunting - weka, butterflies, bugs!
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