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Staying entertained and occupied – for free!

How we spend our time can really help lift our spirits. There are proven things we can do to help do just that (and the best part is, they need not cost a cent!)

Here at All Right? we pulled together a list of some of our favourite free things to when you need a little pick me up or feel like ‘doing’, based on the five ways to wellbeing.

Whether you’re a baker, a runner or a DIY maker, a writer, a sewer or mosaic creator, we think there’s something for everyone in this list.

Be Active

  • Free yoga! Yoga with Adriene is popular right now and for good reason. She has online classes for every ability. Check out the 30 day home programme for a gentle and simple way to start your yoga practise.
  • Tune in to TVNZ 1 every weekday at 9am for a Les Mills class. The gym is offering three of its signature classes, as well as family-friendly options on TVNZ 2 at 3pm.
  • Guess what? You don’t need fancy gym equipment to get moving! You’ve probably got a few household items that will work just fine – Stairs? A benchtop? Canned food? A wall? A towel? The Reader’s digest list a few clever ways to incorporate these items into your daily routine here. We love a good couch dip, here at HQ!
  • Join Joe Wicks’ online PE classes! Joe, who has become a global sensation, for his workouts for kids. He has a heap of workouts for adults too on his Youtube channel and many more to get the whole family working up a sweat.
  • For something a little different, check out the Retro Gym Club every Friday night on Instragram Live. These two Christchurch sisters are bringing back Jazzercise, complete with scrunchies and leotards! Jane Fonda would be proud.
  • Many gyms and studios have moved their classes and workouts online to Facebook and Instagram. It’s worth checking to see if your local studio or gym is offering this free service!

Keep learning:

  • Whatever the topic you’re interested in exploring, we guarantee it’s on Ted Talks. We love Sam Berns’ My philosophy for a happy life. Dive in today!
  • A public library card (to any of our country’s library) or student ID gets you access to Kanopy, the Christchurch City Council’s online catalogue of thousands of TV shows, movies and documentaries! It doesn’t matter where in NZ you are, so long as you have a library card and student ID.
  • Did you know Yale is offering its most popular course, The Science of Wellbeing online! Check it and thousands of other free courses out on Coursera. Class Central also offers hundreds of free courses from Ivy League schools.
  • Join the more than 9000 learning a Te Reo Maori phrase a day in this Facebook group! It’s that easy.
  • Bestselling children’s author and illustrator, Mo Willems is offering lunchtime doodles! He invites kids (and adults) to grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and to doodle with him and explore ways of writing and making.
  • Tune in each day, to see which of his books David Walliams is reading! Every day for 30 days, the author and funny man is sharing free readings of his books.


  • Gather the family for some wizardy! Harry Potter at hub offers a range of activities, ideal to bring the family and flatties together!
  • These Fridge Friendly activities from Sparklers, not only get you and your whanau having fun, they also incorporate the principles of positive psychology.
  • How neat is this? The Christchurch City Library had to cancel their holiday craft workshops – so instead they’ve put the classes online! You can find templates and instructions, like how to make stained glass leaves, on all sorts of cool things. Check out what resources your city library is offering online.
  • Get your friends together and recreate your fav tune – like the Couch Choir did! This is a special way to connect with friends and family – and who knows, see how many people you can get in your choir!
  • This is another goodie to get your bubble interacting… Ever wanted to silently recreate an iconic movie moment or make the best dancing elephant? No, we haven’t either but it sounds like fun! We are loving these ‘how to’ videos from the Task Master on Youtube.


  • Got a favourite cheese scone or banana bread recipe? Share it with your flatties or friends, and see what they come up with! Here’s a goodie to get you started…
  • Give your neighbour a call – is there anything you can pick up for them from the supermarket?
  • Do you have a special skill? Know how to solve a Rubik’s cube? Why not teach your whānau/flatmates/friends.
  • How can you brighten up your neighbourhood for curious children? We love the teddy bear hunt and encourage you and your loved ones to get creative! We’re seeing incredible scenes of teddy bears out there fixing cars, ‘patrolling’ the streets and even sunbathing! The fairy homes is also a cool initiative!
  • Volunteer to help the good people at SVA! They’re in need of volunteers across the country to help collect and deliver groceries, and assist with childcare and babysitting.
  • And don’t forget to give somebody – or bodies - a laugh! Here’s a goodie to get you inspired and show you how to turn the ordinary into the extra ordinary!
  • Your local hospitality joint might be feeling the pinch right now. How about giving your fav coffee shop, restaurant or bar a shout out on social media!

Take Notice:

  • Explore your local neighborhood’s natural offerings. Are there trees dropping fruit on the pavement? Are there hazelnuts or walnuts filling the grounds of your local park? Next time you’re on a walk, look up and down – who knows, you might be able to forage some food for a delicious dish. If you’re in Christchurch, check out the online food map.
  • Listen to your favourite music. We mean, really listen. Tune in to the lyrics, the beat. Think about how it makes you feel. And if you’re in the mood, dance!
  • Stretch. We love rolling out of bed and warming up our stiff bodies with a gentle stretch. It helps get the blood pumping and eases us into our day. Noticing where you’re tight, and stopping a moment there, that’s where the magic happens. Try this one for starters or this one from Auckland’s, Kate Montgomery.

And don't forget to check out some of our All Right? tools, including our Getting Through Together Ideas Wall, Downtime Dice, Gift Generator, and Hikitia Te Hā.

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