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Whanau Rapaki

Whānau and wellbeing

Aroha mai, aroha atu. Get easy tips on strengthening and enjoying your whānau.

There are awesome, everyday things whānau can do together to boost wellbeing.

All Right? research with Māori communities in Canterbury has highlighted the importance of whānau to wellbeing.

Ngā tauira at the wharekura Te Kura Whakapumau i te Reo Tutūru ki Waitaha talked about how doing activities with whānau was seen as preferable to individual pursuits, and of being proud of their reo and how this makes them strong. Whānau is seen as the first source of support for young people.

Strengthening everyday magic

All Right’s research with Maori communities led to the development of 20 activity cards designed to help people connect with their whānau and culture. As there are five cards for every season, there’s always a fun, family activity that whānau can do together.

Click here to explore Whānau Effect activities

Whānau supporting whānau

Families and whānau are a rich and valuable source of support for people who struggling with their wellbeing.

Research by the Mental Health Foundation with Maori communities showed that listening to each other’s needs, showing respect, and always including the person who experiences mental health issues, are crucial to supporting wellbeing.

The research led to a project called Ko Au Ko Koe, Ko Koe Ko Au (Meaning I am you and you are me – We are one in the same). Ko Au Ko Koe, Ko Koe Ko Au The project identified five positive ways whānau affect mental wellbeing:

  • Mātauranga - whānau knowledge is key to understanding
  • Aroha - whānau prosper with love and respect
  • Tautoko - whānau supporting each other through the trying times
  • Mana - keeping the mana of every whānau member intact
  • Korero - keep the korero alive and open in your whānau

You can view the posters developed for this project here.

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