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Kids worried or got energy to burn?

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Bring some wellbeing magic to your bubble, with free activities to help kids find calm and feel good. And hopefully they will make your life a little easier too!

By now you may have had some experience of home learning and working thanks to our COVID-19 stay-cation. Perhaps you did the 'bubble juggle' – balancing work deadlines and multiple Zoom calls with snacks, squabbles and a bit of home learning thrown in the mix. Or you may have loved the chance to connect as a family, and spend a bit more time together at home.

Whatever your situation was... we salute you.

If you're on the lookout for fun wellbeing activities, and new ways to help your whānau find calm and feel good – Sparklers is the perfect tool to check out and try.

Sparklers is all about helping kids to:

  • be curious and have fun
  • learn to manage their emotions
  • build their self-esteem
  • make (and be!) good friends; and
  • gain cool wellbeing skills... for life!

Sparklers is loved by teachers and students throughout New Zealand – and it now features more than 20 new activities specially crafted for use at home. These include Discover Your Strengths, Gratitude O'Clock, My Pepeha, Tummy Breathing, Sensory Poetry, and many more.

We developed Sparklers right here in Aotearoa, and it's backed by science, NZ research and wellbeing specialists. Most importantly, it's super easy for anyone to pick up and try – that's part of the reason teachers love it.

For free ideas, handy advice and the big pat on the back you deserve, check out Sparklers At Home today.

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