Wellbeing Tips and Tricks

Wellbeing Tips and Tricks

International research shows that if people are encouraged and supported to look after themselves and others post-disaster, fewer will need psychological intervention in the long term.

Separate overseas studies also show that there are five ways people can increase their wellbeing.

This phase of the campaign involved taking action that are known to improve wellbeing and asking Cantabrians to think about when they last did them.

"I was walking fast to work, planning to stay late because I had to and saw 'When did you last really catch up?' at a bus stop. Slowed right down, smiled and I left work early to catch up with out-of-town friends. Don't you love All Right?"

The easiest way to give yourself and others a boost

You know the old adage "just grin and bear it"? Well maybe that's not about toughing it out.

There's a growing body of research on the benefits of smiling - it actually changes our brain chemistry and can make us feel good.