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Maramataka calendars highlight the connection between the moon and our wellbeing. For the current rātaka (moon phase) check out our online Maramataka below, or download and order your free calendar today.

Our Maramataka tools were adapted from the mātauranga Māori in Living by the Moon Te Maramataka A Te Whānau-ā-Apanui by Wiremu Tawhai, (2013), Huia Publishers.

Maramataka Calendar

How to align your Maramataka

Did you know that Te Rakanui (the full moon) occurs every 29.53 days? This unusual number means we need to occasionally adjust our Maramataka to 'keep up' with the phases of the moon. If you have a printed Maramataka, we recommend checking it here once a month.

Step 1: Find the date

Our Maramataka resource has two parts: A large A3 poster and a small sticker wheel numbered 1 to 30/31. To get started, simply find today's date (the day) on your small sticker wheel. E.g. If it's the 4th of August, find the 4.

Step 2: Find the phase

Use our online Maramataka below to discover today's moon phase – then find this phase on the large wheel of your A3 Maramataka poster. Ka pai!

Step 3: Match the two!

Peel off your small sticker and carefully position it on your large wheel so that today's date and phase line-up. In cool news this sticker can be removed and reapplied as needed, allowing you to keep your Maramataka totally in sync.

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