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The best-est free parenting apps & websites

Free parenting apps that can make the world’s toughest job just that little bit easier.

There are lots of free parenting apps out there that can make the world’s toughest job just that little bit easier…

Apps to try with your kids

Tiny Adventures (ages 3-8)

This is our own free app filled with simple, fun activities you can do with your child when you’ve got as little time as a minute! Freshly updated, the activities included in this app give you ideas for play which all relate to the five ways to wellbeing - evidence based actions that help us feel good - connecting with others, giving our time and expertise, taking notice of the little things, keeping on learning and being active.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame (ages 3-5)

You know how much we love Sesame Street! This app shows how breathing can help us to relax and think more clearly when we’re frustrated. Kids will need help with this app to begin - it's good to be there to talk things through and discuss which of these ‘monsters’ ideas may help. Oh and this app is free! Yay again Sesame Street!

GoNoodle (ages 3 - 6)

An American resource that's packed full of activities which promote physical exercise and mindfulness. It took a little while to navigate our way through, but once you get ‘playing’ it's awesome fun. This is also available for teachers.

Stop, breathe and think KIDS (ages 4-10)

A good app to help with mindfulness and emotional literacy. Your child gets to choose how they’re feeling and the app provides some short exercises that can help - there are loads of emotions to choose from.

Headspace (ages 8 - 100!)

This is a nice introduction to mindfulness and meditation. While it’s actually an app for adults (we think!), it’s also really appropriate for you to do with your child. The first video talking through meditation is fantastic - it gives permission to just give it a try and not always get it right, and tips to help you get started. It’s a 10 day programme, but of course you can keep on with it and develop your mindfulness habit!

Some apps just for you!

Get Appy

All Right’s very own app for grown ups! It gives you daily wellbeing mini-missions that will help you feel good! Each mini-mission is based on the Five Ways To Wellbeing.

Tākai (ages 1 - 6)

Developed by parents who thought that although brochures are great, they aren't always there when you need them! Great ideas to manage challenging behaviour, from biting to tantrums.

Raising Children (ages 0 - 5)

100+ short clips and helpful tips gleaned from experts, with the 'need to knows' of eating, sleeping, learning, parenting, health, education and physical activity.

What's Up?

The What's Up? App offers methods to cope with depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. It describes 12 negative thinking patterns and ways to overcome them.


Learn new habits, deal with negative thoughts and build self-confidence with Happify - a science-based activities and games app that helps you learn to deal with stress and the challenges of life.


Guided by Kiwi legend John Kirwan to help you and your workplace thrive, Mentemia seeks to address issues relating to tiredness, stress, anxiety, relationships, sleep and energy – promising to be your positive partner to better wellbeing.

MHERC Library

MHERC (Mental Health Education and Resource Centre) provides seminars and presentations, but also has an extensive free library which includes many of the books we recommend as a part of Sparklers.

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