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Supporting Fiji from afar

Stepping up and supporting friends and family battling Covid-19 in Fiji.

​Jesel Royokada, a Pastor at the Christchurch Fijian Church and the Papanui Seventh–Day Adventist Church, has been personally affected by the Covid-19 situation in Fiji. His brother has four children and has recently lost his job and had to return to subsistence farming.

He says the New Zealand Fijian community is stepping up and supporting friends and family in Fiji, sending much-needed money to loved ones affected by the outbreak.

As well as sending money, he says Fijian families in New Zealand have been providing emotional and wellbeing support.

“Our wellbeing is determined by our access to love, especially those who love and support us in our time of need. I pray that we find and support people who need this help through our presence, our daily phone calls or our support and advice.”

Although this is a tough time, Pastor Royokada says looking after yourself and using the resources that are available is even more important.

“During hard times it is important to do the best that you can with the time and season you are given. Work with what you already have and the resources that are available to you.”

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